Born in 1990, I did not know what I wanted to do until my final year of Bachelor’s Degree when I was introduced to Machine Learning through Final Year Project. I thought that I had a knack for analyzing trends and patterns which all the more encouraged me to pursue this as a career.

After graduating, I had ideas about predictive modelling (Data Science), however I lacked the knowledge of transforming ideas into a scalable and quality product. As a result, I had decided to start from the bottom, Software Engineering, then progressed onto Big Data and finally Data Science which is where I am at now. There were a lot of things that I didn’t know but I have managed to conquer piece by piece through hard work that’s fueled by my passion.


i) M.Sc Machine Learning @ University College London,
ii) B.Eng Electrical & Electronics @ University of Nottingham.


i) Strength: Fast R&D, fast independent learner.
ii) Stacks: Scala, Java, Python, R, Spark, Spark MLLib, Spark Streaming, Hive, SQL, PSQL, Docker.
iii) Cluster: Mesos, Hadoop.
iv) Frameworks: Kafka, Marathon, Chronos
v) Platform: Linux, AWS.
vi) Scheduler: Luigi

Languages: English, Chinese, Malay.
Dialects: Cantonese (Hong Kong), Hokkien (Taiwan).